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    A Man’s Best Friend:

    Dogs are very rightly known as the man’s best friends and they duly perform their duties as well. We understand the deep hurt caused by losing this best friend of yours and hence, to bid the last farewell, you couldn’t find a better option than Instant Dead Animal Removal. We know exactly how to cremate your most favourite pet and reminisce the memories made with them.

    Cremation Service Available

    We understand your deep loss and make sure that you don’t face any difficulties in cremating your pet. It doesn’t matter if your dog has died at home or at the hospital or even at any outdoor place, we ensure that proper cremation services are made available for the dog whenever and wherever necessary.

    We will also provide you with the ashes of your dog in about three to five days. These are the last memories of your beloved pet with you and we make sure that this is special and heart touching for you.

    Same Day Services:

    We understand that no dead animal can be kept inside the house for a longer time and hence, we provide you with our same-day services so that you can cremate your pet on the day it died. We also provide home cremation services and you can avail the same simply by calling us and booking an appointment at the earliest.

    Our services also include other additional services that go hand-in-hand with dog cremation

    Dog Funeral Service And Viewings:

    We shall arrange a special funeral and viewing service in the memory of your dog so that all those who spent special and unforgettable moments with your pet can come and spend the last few minutes remembering the dog. Our team would organize the event as per your convenience and make sure that you get a desired result.

    Grief Counselling:

    We understand that it’s not easy to lose a pet. Dealing with a lot of emotions and fond memories and the grief might be difficult and to make this process easier for you, we have a professional team of counsellors to guide you through the path of happiness and light, remembrance of your beloved pet and wishing the best for it.

    What To Do When The Pet Dies?

    You undoubtedly need a professional service for dead dog removal in your house. The same professional service provider would also provide you with cremation services. Instant dead animal removal is a well-recognized dead animal removal service in the city and hence, it is recommended that you call us immediately when this unforeseen situation takes place. We will take care of it further.

    Why Hire Us?

    We have been in the industry for a very long time and have the required knowledge and expertise in the field. We have built a strong relationship with our customers because of our satisfactory service. Our flexible working hours and understanding makes it easier for our clients to book an appointment with us.

    • Experienced professionals
    • Usage of eco-friendly products only
    • Certified dead dog removal service providers
    • Same-day services available
    • Flexible working hours
    • Available seven days a week

    Same-Day Dead Dog Removal Service

    We understand that no one can stand a dead animal in their house, hence we also provide the provision of availing same-day dead animal removal service for the convenience of our customers. The entire process will be done and the space will be cleared on the same day that you book an appointment with us.


    Can I remove the dead dog on my own?

    No, it is recommended to hire a professional who has a vast experience in the field and who can perform the functions properly without causing any harm or damage

    How long does it take to remove the dead dog from my place?

    Usually, it takes around two to four hours to remove the dead dog and clear the space so that no bacteria, germs or bad odour is left behind.

    Do you sanitise the place after cleaning?

    Yes, we do sanitise the place where the dog had died and make sure that nothing is left behind and the space is free of dirt, germs and bad odour produced by the carcass.

    How much do you charge for dead dog removal service?

    The cost is determined on various factors, including the breed of dog, the amount of dirt and filth at your place, the time that it takes to clear the area etc. Instant Dead Animal Removal is the most affordable dead dog removal service provider in the city and takes special care of its customers’ requirements.

    Will the dead animal removal service clear the odour as well?

    Yes, the service will clear the bad odour and we will ensure that we deodorize the area so that it smells pleasant.

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