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Dead Rat Removal North Booval

Dead rats can put your health and home at risk. Rats are nasty animals who can easily make room in your home’s corners. If you have been trying to get rid of them in anyways, they may end up lying dead in the corners or another hard-to-reach place. In this case, what you need is a team of dead rat removal experts.

The dead rat smells awful. This smell and open-wounded flesh can be frightful for your health and hygiene. You may easily spot a living rat and get rid of it, but dead rat removal is quite risky. You may get an infection or may feel the disgust for days to come. Also, having a dead rat in the house can get you into serious illness and threaten your health. Only the technician having experience as well as knowledge of the dead rat removal can handle it with ease.

About Us

Instant Dead Animal Removal is a verified and certified dead animal removal company. For the last few years, we have worked for the people suffering from a dead animal at their place. Our company also provides dead rat removal services. A team with experts and cleaners makes sure your place is clean and breathable.

Our technicians and professional dead rat removal experts swiftly take the dead creature out of your house or workplace. Furthermore, they also take care of hygiene, ensuring maximum safety. Our team members are certified in this field of work. We also sanitize the residential areas for protecting the people around from bacterial infections.

Importance Of Dead Rat Removal

If you are thinking, it’s fine to not remove the dead rat at a place then you are surely inviting some hurtful incidences in your life. Having a dead animal at home can cause several diseases, uncomfortable feelings as well as foul smell. These issues may seem minor at first but will gradually turn into dangerous diseases. Here are some issues led by a dead rat at home.

Health Concerns

Dead bodies of rats give birth to several other harmful bacteria’s. These bacterias can cause breath and health complications. Having a dead rat at home or office involves the dangers of contracting diseases.

If you thought of getting the dead rat out of the house by yourself, without using the proper tools then you may get infected through contact. Leptospirosis, Hantavirus and Tularemia are a few diseases caused by improper dead rat removal. Also, the dead bodies produce maggots. These maggots can lead to major headaches if you do not take care of the dead rat by calling the professionals.

Foul Smell

All decomposing carcasses smell terrible. When dead rat removal is delayed, the dead body’s foul smell gets stronger day by day.  This nasty odour can lead to headaches and other unpleasant experiences. You can’t allow anyone to enter your house. In case you have kids at home, this situation can get worse. The foul smell of a dead rat can make your living situation unbearable.

Sometimes you don’t even know the source of the smell. Is it a rat or something else? Even if you don’t know the cause of such foul smell of an animal’s dead body, call the experts and get it out of your sight as soon as possible.

Risk of infection

There is always a risk of infection if the dead rat removal is delayed. One must be aware of the dead mice or rat and get rid of it. Several rats can be found in the house. Rice rats, roof rats, marsh rats, bush rats and house rats are some common rats that end up dead at your floor or back of your yard.

The size of the rat also affects the intensity of infection. Do not try to move the dead rat by yourself. Get in touch with our experts and leave the situation in their hands.

Unpleasant view

If you are uncertain about where the rat died then you must call the experts immediately. The last thing one wants is, to randomly find the dead rat while doing house chores.

The unpleasant view of the dead rat can make you feel awful. Some people can also feel dizzy or feel like vomiting at any point. These irksome experiences must not be tolerated by anyone.

Why Hire Us?

To dispose of a dead rat or any other carcass, one needs to get in touch with people of high experience and in-depth knowledge. You just can’t ask any random person to be done with a dead rat at your place. We have more than 25 years of experience in this field. Further, we are one of the fastest services.

  • Effective and fast
  • Trustworthy
  • Same day service
  • Sanitization and cleaning process
  • A team of experts
  • Affordable services
  • Certified and verified


Call us right now if you have found a rat’s dead body at your home or workplace. Our professionals will take care of the rest. Our friendly team of expertise knows how to handle such situations. We are helping people get rid of dead rats and other animals from the last 25 years.

If you think there’s a dead animal in your wall, subfloor, or roof, contact us at 0480022052. Our team will locate and remove it if possible. We serve all Brisbane suburbs for any dead animal removal and are dedicated to providing a positive outcome for our customers.


How can one get rid of the dead rat’s smell?

It takes more than two weeks for the smell of the dead rat to disappear from the air. Though, instead of trying to dismiss the smell, you must call the experts and remove the dead rat out of your place. This will eventually stop the foul smells.

How to dispose of a dead rat?

Firstly, do not try to do anything on your own. You may catch the unwanted infection or disease. Call the professionals and let them do the rest.

Should I call experts to dispose of a dead rat?

Yes. Disposing of a dead rat is a risky task. To prevent any infection or disease, you must call dead rat removal experts immediately.

Can I get sick by a dead rat?

Yes. There are a few terrible diseases that can be caused by a dead rat. One of the dangerous diseases is hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This syndrome is transmitted by the dropping, saliva or urine of the dead rat.

How to know if there is a dead rat at home or not?

You can sense the disgust. Also, the main factor is, a dead body smells terrible. You can easily find that unpleasant smell. Though, hurry up if you even found the smell. Searching for the dead body is the work of an expert. If you accidentally come face to face with the dead rat then that is another case.

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