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    We are a team of certified cleaners that removes dead mice from your house, making it clean and hygienic to live in.  If you are noticing an unbearable stench in the house or lots of flies and maggots in a particular place? Chances are that there could be dead mice in the house. Call our dead mice removal Perth team, and we will get rid of dead mice from your property.

    Dead mice can be small, but it has the potential to seriously ill the family members. You must, get rid of the dead mice as quickly as possible to avoid any health hazards.

    Get in touch with our Dead Mice Removal Perth team, and we will effectively remove the dead mice from the house or property. Our qualified cleaners are dedicated to quickly and effectively remove dead mice from your living or workspace. Through their experience, they can pinpoint the exact location of dead mice and remove them.

    Apart from dead mice removal, we also disinfect the place with disinfectant to reduce the smell and the chances of cross-infection.

    Importance Of Dead Mice Removal

    Unbearable stench

    A decomposing carcass can smell nasty and with each passing day the dead mice removal is delayed, the stench is going to get worse. Flesh breakdown can leave a nasty stink behind, and this smell can become the worst nightmare for people living in the house, causing headaches, nausea, etc. Thus, dead mice removal is very much necessary.


    With dead mice in or around the house, there are chances of contamination. They leave their marks and dirty fur, where ever they go, so removing dead mice requires a legitimate cleanup.

    Further, dead mice can get tons of bacteria and other illness-causing germs with it. Thus, it is necessary to take proper hygiene precautions. Our dead rat removal team takes all the precautions before handling dead mice, as it does not take a lot of time to spread infection.

    Health Hazard

    If the decaying mice aren’t disposed of properly, it would become a danger for the people. A dead carcass is an ideal place for breeding flies, and these maggots can spread throughout the house, increase the risk of infection in the house.

    Further, if the dead mice are in the backyard or front yard, they may attract other flesh-eating animals and birds. Wild animals and birds are hosts to deadly pathogens, and with them being in proximity, it can be very dangerous for family members.

    Don’t put yourself or your family at the risk of contracting infection, let professionals handle it. Call us, and our team of dead mice removal will take care of it.

    Commercial Dead Mice Removal Perth

    Dead mice can cause the entire office to stink and may affect the business. Plus, if you got business partners visiting, then it would not leave a good impression on them. So, get rid of the dead mice as early as possible to keep your commercial place clean and hygienic for everyone. Instant dead mice removal offers service to various commercial places and is one of the most-trusted dead mice removal partners.

    Residential Dead Mice Removal Perth

    Sometimes, ignorance may lead to several problems. Similarly, small dead mice can make a family or a member of the family ill. Our skilled and experienced cleaners quickly remove dead mice in the most effective way from your property.

    Same-Day Service

    Getting rid of dead mice is really important to avoid any further health hazards. Thus, we offer same-day service to our clients to make their place clean and hygienic. Call our dead mice removal team and get rid of the dead mice.

    Why Choose Us?

    We are ready and focused to take action when our clients need us. We use modern methods and tools to effectively get rid of the dead mice. When it comes to a dead animal, it is not easy for everyone to remove it. This is where we step in.

    • Qualified cleaners
    • 25 years in the business
    • Same-day service
    • Latest technology
    • Affordable
    • Friendly
    • Round-the-clock service.


    So, if you are worried about maggot and fly infestation around dead mice, don’t delay! Call Instant dead animal removal today. Our team of dead mice removal Perth will help you and will ensure that the house of clean and safe for you to live in.


    Is it necessary to remove dead mice from the house?

    Yes! Dead mice are a breeding place for flies, also it is home to several illnesses causing germ and bacteria. Further, a decaying carcass can leave a very unpleasant smell, causing vomiting, headaches, and nausea among the people staying in the house.

    How to identify if there are dead mice?

    If you notice an unforgiving stench in the house or maggots and flies in one particular area. Chances are, there are dead mice in the house. Call Instant dead animal removal and get rid of the dead mice from your property.

    How long does it take for the professionals to remove dead mice?

    Removing dead mice from the living or the working space at the earliest is very important. Further, professional cleaners would take a couple of hours to track, remove, and disinfectant the house. Call Instant dead animal removal if you notice any signs of dead mice.

    How many days do the dead mice smell will remains?

    It would take approximately two weeks for dead mice to completely decomposes, which means it would be two weeks of unbearable smell. Thus, it is advised to quickly get rid of the dead mice from the property to reduce the risk of cross-infection and other diseases.

    Can I remove dead mice?

    Yes! A person can remove dead mice using proper precautions. Negligence in the removal of the dead mice can compromise the safety of the person and the family. A person can get Hantavirus, salmonella, and more. Thus it is required to carefully remove dead mice. Plus, it can be stomach-churning for a lot, call us, and we will get rid of the mice in the most effective way.

    Do professional cleaners get rid of the odor?

    Decaying mice can cause the house to smell and give people severe headaches, nausea, etc. Professional do spray disinfectant that helps in reducing the smell of the decaying mice and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

    Do dead mice removal companies remove dead mice on the same day?

    Yes! Instant dead animal removal gets rid of the dead mice within few hours of the call. We believe in quickly removing the dead mice to reduce the risk of infection in people. Further, our team of dead mice removal cleaners will be at your doorstep in a matter of an hour after your call.

    Is it possible for me to catch an infection if I touch dead mice?

    If proper precaution is not taken then it may cause lung, liver, kidney infection. Further, you may even get a rat-bite infection, if the rat bites or scratches you. So, it is advised to allow professionals to get rid of the dead mice from the residential or commercial space.

    Do the dead mice smell harm a person?

    Dead mice present a high risk of dangerous bacteria and diseases that affect the indoor and outdoor air. Further, this can cause serious health complications in people. Call us if you notice a foul smell in the house or at the work place.

    Can dead mice cause any disease in people?

    Yes! Rats and mice are known to spread a lot of disease in humans, approximately, they can cause 35 diseases. Plus, these diseases are spread through direct contact with live and dead mice.

    Can I keep dead mice in the house?

    No! You cannot keep dead mice in the house. It can cause infection and disease among the family members. So, it is advised for people to call Instant dead animal removal company to get rid of the dead mice.

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