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    The troubling truth is that the population of rodents has been on a constant rise in our city. Every house wants to get rid of rodents at the earliest, but it is difficult to do so without any professional experience. If you’re also looking for rodent removal services, contact Instant Dead Animal Removal for removing dead rodents out of the house professionally.

    We have an extensive experience of years and our team members are highly skilled and have the proper knowledge to carry out the task satisfactorily.

    Types Of Rodents Found In Homes In Australia:

    There are about 50-60 rodent species popularly found in Australia. Rodents usually die inside our homes without our attention and then cause numerous problems including harmful diseases to our loved one. Common types of rodents found inside our homes are as follows:

    Norway Rat: The lifespan of this species is limited to nine to twelve months and they’re mostly active in the night

    Roof Rat: Their average lifespan is anywhere around 9-12 months and they’re black in color. They have commendable climbing skills and can climb high areas easily. Hence, they’re mostly found on the roofs of buildings and homes.

    House Mouse: They are either brown or grey in color and tend to live closer to humans, be it indoors or outdoors. They live for about 12 months on an average.

    Rodent infestation could be utterly dangerous for humans and might cause harmful diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to get rid of rodents from your houses as early as possible.

    Removal of dead animals gets even more difficult at times but it is a very important task to keep your homes free of infections and bacteria. Instant dead animal removal is there to support you with any dead animal removal needs especially dead rodent removal Melbourne.

    The removal process is tough and often risky as it involved climbing and hunting for the dead rodents at various places inside the houses. Hence, it must not be done by an unprofessional. Professionals at Instant dead animal removal are trained with the skills required to adequately remove the dead animal out of the house.

    We all know that rats and rodents have a tendency to hide in the most difficult places inside the houses, in between the walls or doors or roofs where humans don’t always pay attention to. It is important to often check these areas for dead rodents and get them removed at the earliest.

    The carcass of the dead rodent causes harmful smell and also spread bacteria and germs in the houses that might come from the mosquitos that might have gathered around the carcass. It is very dangerous to keep the carcass of the animal inside the house for a prolonged period of time, it might cause harmful diseases to anyone in close proximity. It is extremely important to disinfect the area once the carcass is removed and also deodorise the surrounding to make sure that the foul smell is gotten rid of.

    Our staff at Instant Dead Animal Removal knows their job extremely well and will sanitize the concerned area after removing the dead animal from your houses. You need not worry about a single thing. The team will make sure that the place is left as if nothing happened there and smells pleasant.

    Usually, the smell of the carcass stays behind even after disinfection and dead animal removal but in this case, deodorising the place with proper products is extremely important and necessary. Call us today to book an appointment with us and get rid of the dead animal inside your house.

    Harm Caused By Rodents:

    Rodents might result in causing a huge amount of loss in your house, by chewing the furniture or ruing the sheets, clothes etc. They are known to tear things with their teeth and also infect the places they roam around in. It is suggested to get rid of rodents as soon as you spot them in your house.

    Why Hire Us?

    We have been in the industry for a very long time and have the required knowledge and expertise in the field. We have built a strong relationship with our customers because of our satisfactory service. Our flexible working hours and understanding makes it easier for our clients to book an appointment with us.

    • Experienced team members
    • We use environment-friendly products
    • Professionally certified and recognised in the industry
    • Same-day services available
    • Flexible working hours
    • 24*7 available for our clients

    Same-Day Dead Rodent Removal Service Melbourne

    We understand that no one can stand a dead rodent in their house, hence we also provide the provision of availing same-day dead rodent removal service for the convenience of our customers. The entire process will be done and the space will be cleared on the same day that you book an appointment with us.


    Can I remove the dead rodent on my own?

    No, it is recommended to hire a professional who has a vast experience in the field and who can perform the functions properly without causing any harm or damage

    How long does it take to remove the dead rodent from my place?

    Usually, it takes around two to four hours to remove the dead rodent and clear the space so that no bacteria, germs or bad odour is left behind.

    Do you sanitise the place after cleaning?

    Yes, we do sanitise the place where the rodent/s had died and make sure that nothing is left behind and the space is free of dirt, germs and bad odour produced by the carcass.

    How much do you charge for dead rodent removal service?

    The cost is determined on various factors, including the number of rodents, the amount of dirt and filth at your place, the time that it takes to clear the area etc. Instant Dead Animal Removal is the most affordable dead rodent removal service provider in the city and takes special care of its customers’ requirements.

    Will the dead rodent removal service clear the odour as well?

    Yes, the service will clear the bad odour and we will ensure that we deodorize the area so that it smells pleasant.

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