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    Cats are our constant companions, and they add zest to our homes with their playful character. Saying a final goodbye to your feline partner is never easy for anyone, but our team of cleaners carefully remove the cat and dispose of it in the most appropriate way.

    Sometimes, stray cats come inside the house and die, which is very unfortunate, but it happens! Call our team of dead cat removal and get rid of the dead cat from your property. We offer same-day service, to quickly remove the dead cat from your premises.

    A dead cat can cause the house to smell and even attract tons of flies and maggots, making your living space unhealthy and unhygienic. Thus, it is advised to remove the dead cat at the earliest to reduce the risk of infection or disease.

    Benefits Of Quick Dead Cat Removal

    Unfortunately, a dead cat can pose a sudden and unexpected health hazard for the owners, family members, businesses, etc. The faster you call for service, the sooner you may relax and save yourself from the smell, infections, and other potential health hazards.

    Our team of dead cat removal takes appropriate safety measures to reduce the risk of contamination and cross-infection. Further, there are several reasons for dead cat removal by the professional, but below the top three reasons, why you must get the carcass from your living or workspace.

    Reduce the smell of the dead cat

    After an animal dies, the bacterial starts to spread throughout the body. This causes the animal tissues to break down and release natural gases from the body. Further, this is one of the main causes of the smell.

    If the cat is dead inside the house, you will notice the odour quickly, but if it’s dead outside, initially the smell won’t be that strong, but it will get worse in a few days. Be it indoor or outdoor, if you notice a foul smell of decaying carcass call our dead cat removal team to effectively get rid of the animal.

    Our team of professionals can track the source of the odour and remove the dead animal in the most appropriate way. Call us and get rid of the dead cat quickly from your premises.

    Minimize the chances of other scavengers

    A lot of wild animals rely on dead animals as their source of food. The problem with a dead animal in your yard or house is that even if you cannot smell the dead animal, wild animals can. Thus, you should remove the dead animal from your property as early as possible.

    Further, scavengers can pose a serious threat to your family and the four-legged family members. Also, once scavengers start feeding on the dead cat, it would be very difficult to remove the wild animal from the property. So, call our team of dead cat removal and save yourself and your family from an unexpected encounter with a wild animal.

    Reduce the chance of diseases and infection

    It is very difficult for a person to tell if the cat has died of disease or not. Even if died due to natural reasons, the bacteria on the dead cat can cause the smell and spread infections. Further, putting you at serious risk of disease and contamination.

    Our dead cat removal team carefully removes the dead animal and spray disinfectant to reduce the contamination and chances of cross-infection. So, if you care about your health and want to get rid of a dead animal from your premises, then call us!

    Commercial Dead Cat Removal Service

    A dead cat can cause serious issues at the workplace and reduce the productivity of the people. Further, the dead cat can give people severe headaches, nausea, etc. Also, it can leave a poor impression on everyone visiting your organization.

    So, if you desire to keep your workplace clean and hygienic, then call us, and our team of certified cleaners will clean your workplace effectively.

    Residential Dead Cat Removal Service

    Sometimes, cats can die in difficult to reach areas in the house, and removing them becomes a difficult task. But removing them at the earliest is essential to reduce the chances of cross-infection and diseases.

    Call our dead cat removal team and get rid of the dead cat in the most appropriate way. We ensure that there is no contamination in the house and spray disinfectant to reduce the smell of the decomposing carcass.

    Same-Day Dead Cat Removal Service

    Removing a dead cat from the residential and commercial place at the earliest is very important to keep the place healthy and hygienic. Thus, we provide same-day service to all our clients to reduce the chance of infection and disease.

    What Makes Us Stand-Out?

    When it comes to dead cat removal, we are the best in the industry

    • Certified cleaners
    • 25 years in the business
    • Quick response
    • Same-day service
    • Modern technology
    • Competitive pricing and unsurpassed value
    • Friendly and understanding staff
    • Available 24x7


    If you are looking to remove your dead pet or a stray cat from your living space, with dignity and honour. Call Instant dead animal removal, and our team of certified dead cat removal will take care of it in the most suitable way.


    What should I do if I find a dead cat?

    A dead cat spread infection and disease among the people, and it is advised to quickly remove it from the premises. Further, you should call a dead animal removal company at the first sight of a dead cat. Call Instant dead animal removal to remove the dead cat in the most appropriate way.

    Whom do I call to remove the dead cat?

    If you find a dead cat in or around your living or workspace you should call a dead animal removal company. Instant dead animal removal offers same-day service to effectively remove the dead cat from the premises.

    How long can I keep the dead cat?

    One may keep a dead cat/pet in a home for a short period of time. If you keep the dead cat in the house for a longer time, the body will start decomposing and releasing a foul smell in the house. A well-cooled body can be kept for about 24-hours, but the sooner you remove it, the better it is.

    What is the cost of removing a dead cat?

    The cost for removing dead animals depends on various factors such as size of the animal, type of the animal and even the company. To get rid of the dead cat from the home or the commercial place at the most affordable price, call Instant dead animal removal now!

    What is the most effective way to remove a dead cat?

    There are several ways to effectively remove a dead cat. You too can remove a dead cat from the house or office place by taking proper safety precautions. The tricky part is to dispose of, and professionals take utmost precaution to dispose of the animal. Call us if you notice a dead cat in your residential or commercial place.

    Do dead cats smell?

    Yes! A dead cat smells. The dead body after some time starts disintegrating and releases natural gases, this is one of the main reasons for the foul smell. Further, this smell can last for weeks and can give people a headache, infections, diseases, nausea, etc. So, if you want to get rid of the dead cat and its smell, call us. Our dead cat removal team will carefully remove and disinfect the place.

    Do we need only professionals to remove dead cats?

    A professional dead cat removal company can effectively remove the dead cat from your house or workplace. Further, they even spray disinfectant to stop any contamination and spread of infection.

    Can a dead cat spread any infection in or around the house?

    Yes! A dead cat attracts lots of bacteria and other illnesses-causing germs. Further, it is an ideal place for flies to breed. So, if the dead cat is not removed at the earliest, it may release harmful gases in the air and make people fall ill.

    Can I just leave a dead cat in the yard to decompose?

    No! A dead cat in the yard can be free food to a lot of scavengers. Further, wild animals are known to be host to several illnesses-causing pathogens. Thus, it is recommended to call a dead cat removal company to quickly remove the dead cat.

    Do professional dead cat removal companies get rid of a dead cat on the same day?

    Yes, some of the dead cat removal companies offer same-day service to their clients. Instant dead animal removal removes dead cats within a few hours of booking the appointment.

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